Friday, May 7, 2010

Yes. You.

Stop apologizing and STAND UP for what you're "apologizing" for.
Who invented the lie that feeling anger, sorrow, or damaged is a sign of weakness?

Who told us that fear was to be pretended away, to be shunned?

Who was it that said Emotion was something to be ashamed of? To run away from? To ignore?


what is so wrong with being happy? just because life has taken drastic, horrible turns and is all sullen and supposed to be dramatic and bad does not mean we aren't entitled to a sliver of humor every once in a while.

I'm just WONDERING why the person who invented this deception of "How to Live" has been followed vigorously by ... everyone.

I can't handle all of this "it's fine," "it's horrible," "nothing's wrong," "my life sucks."
Guess what? Sometimes it's not fine and sometimes the good things in life are forgotten.
and the fact that it's not "fine" or the fact that it is, Is completely normal.

What is normal anyways?

I"m still just wondering WHO decides all of this.

Oh. wait.

I know the answer.

It is me.
It is you.
It is all of us.

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