Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank you, Presidents.

For giving us an absolutely pointless holiday/ best idea ever.

Here's a list of pointless things in honor of the pointless holiday. (I really hope the Gov gov doesn't liquidate my assets for being a quote unquote national threat/ disgruntled citizen)

1. Woke up as pissed as my cat.
2. Pet the cat.
3. Started reading Emma.
4. Contacted a fellow citizen about Emma; we're book clubbing it(!).
5. Epically battled the cat. (cat won... idonwannatalkabouit)
6. Ate some toast.
7. Watched sweet documentaries about the symbols and secret organizationsof our country (to be somewhat patriotic/just in case the gov was listening...)
8. Told myself I wasn't schizophrenic.
9. MATH. -+=XX (If you get this math joke, you're a dweeb. Join me in my dweebiness.)

I did not have a 10enth thing.
But I DID have a tenth finger in which to use my backspace with.
Caps lock was also used, just not as much as backspace. TO CAPS, I APOLOGIZE.

Also, I literally have not been to a single scholastic class period in over a week.
Hopefully my eyes remember how to feign awake when I'm in the back of my evil child development class.
I swear, the reason it's called Child Development is because the children in there are developing at an INCONCEIVABLY slow rate. (caps lock discretion no longer acknowledged).
They're like monkeys.
Fellow classmates of C.D..------------>

Even a few of them seem to compliment monkeys.

Speaking of animals. My dog tried to get up the steps... but he just fell down.
He definitely got eaten by 6 or 7 steps worth of gravity.
Poor boy.

These are words.

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  1. Oh Ari. Thanks for the laugh :) This was hilarious to read!