Friday, August 5, 2011


Wednesday is too close for comfort.

I do not want to write about this subject.

So I won't.

I do not want to deal with the millions of my's not mine.

So I won't.

I do not want my vision to be marred with water and salt.

So I'll keep my eyes closed.

I do not want to compete.

So I won't.

I do not want to say goodbye.

So I won't.

But the being of things are stationary and no amount of wishing will ever err the direction of living.

Existence keeps on existing.
Reality keeps on checking.
Thought keeps on thinking.

I hope you do not forget what I mean to you.
Because what you mean to me is irrevocable, immovable, incommensurable.

I hope, somehow, that Love keeps on Loving.

1 comment:

  1. AH. This made me so sad and happy at the same time. I love you. Call me if you want to talk or cry or vent, or just breathe in the phone. Seriously.