Friday, September 30, 2011

Tweet You all to Heck.

Why. Why . WHy? WHy. why do I twit around?

I can't handle it. Twitter is trending. And I'm bandwagoning that SUCKER!

Some people are hilarious. Some, I wish I could virtual-slap every hashtag, @ sign, and bird out there.

If one more person posts something they think is funny when it's not, one more time. So help me I'm leaving.
I don't even know why I'm ranting about it.

I'm Hypocriting. (verb?) (Is now..)

Anyway.... Can I just say that sometimes, late at night is the best time of day?
You all know me oh so well... My insomnia is just turning into a second lifestyle. Eh. #Whatareyagonnado? (crapola)

I've started a new book.
BEholdeth: it's called: wait for it: colon colon colon:

Anatomy of the Spirit.

Hook: Can we develop our own latent powers of intuition as we simultaneously cultivate our personal power and spiritual growth?!?!

Answer: Yes, Bob, Yes we can.

The idea: Body + Spirit = One entity wrapped up with powers unyielding in their divine and 6-sensical POWERS!!

I'm excited. Needless to say.

peace yo.

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