Wednesday, April 27, 2011

As Much As I Hate To Admit, Birthdays Are Freakin' Great.

April 27, 1993.
A very intriguing girl was born.
Her eyes wide open, her hair in mats.
A star shined brightly for one who could ..... skat.?

That was a poem I just wrote about myself.
Totally awkward, yet surprisingly necessary.

My morning started off great-
My eyes drifted open on their own, and when my mind realized it was conscious, I did a little dance, albeit still under the covers.
Sarah gave me the best gift ever- a Fedora and a freakin sweet necklace.
She threw it to me in a plastic bag.
I've never been more happy.

On time (somehow) to school, I was wished and wished and wished Happy Birthday! by many a folk.
Mikelle gave me the best gift ever- a Barbie bag enclosing a GORGEOUS scarf, accompanied by the most well-written, sincere card that only Mikelle and a few others can whip out of their pens. Also, her sister hand made the card. It was adorable.

Later, in Journalism, Chloe gave me the best gift ever- A tin full of yellow-frosted cupcakes for the class to share. :) they were ridiculously delicious, as only Chloe can make the best cupcakes ever.
Except for Steve,
Fifteen minutes later,
had come in bearing an equally scrumptious cupcake:) (only not to share, though I did later, with Martin.)
They sang Happy Birthday to me.:) :) :) suuuper awkward.

Mrs. Dougher gave me some candy.

At lunch.
At lunch, Cami and Whitney summoned me.... where I was sort of dragged into the dreaded atmosphere of ... dread.(?)

Presented to me was a cake, blinding-white, with blue frosting on the edges and a GIANT STAR OF DAVID made of yellow, in the very center.
Handed to me were pink, white, and black balloons, the biggest one saying, and I quote, "fabulous, flirty, and thirty!"

18 seconds later, I see Parker and his huge mouth. The entire school lunch-room sang, maybe at the top of their lungs, yet again, the awkward birthday song.

I really don't think my face could have gotten redder.
Or hot.
(and ornery.)<-----(haha SJS and LAC)

Then, we ate cake. and Shelbie gave me the best gift ever- NandNorah's Infinite Playlist. I watched it later in the night.

What a splendidly awkward but totally necessary day.

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