Monday, May 16, 2011

Breathing Some Eyre

Today, we tried out for good ole Cavestock
To answer your question, I have no idea. Really I don't.

BUT it was fun:) I always always always love playing with Shelb and Adam.

Secret Talent.

So, on Saturday, I went with my beautiful mother to the movies.
We saw Jane Eyre. Casted perfectly. Captured brilliantly. Directed beautifully.
It is my favorite book. I'm so pleased with its creativity without betraying the accuracy.

Jane Eyre is one of the most beautiful characters ever written. Her firm grasp on reality, in life, and in herself is peculiarly paralleled with her quiet nature.
She is the most interesting persona to me.
A walking contradiction. You would not expect her to be the resilient woman she is....
And yet....
She is who she is.
No apologies.
No regrets.
She deals with pain in the most logical way, not letting anyone get in the way of who she knows she is meant to be.

She doesn't let her emotions control her without forgetting to attend to them.

Her perfections lies in her accepting of her imperfections, her contradictions, and her peculiarities as strengths, as defining qualities.

I bring it up, because I forget every time why I love the book. Until I read it again, or, in this case, I'm reminded of it by a beautiful adaptation for film.

I'm not a feminist or anything...(?) but for the time period, and even for our day, she proves to women and to men, that independence is crucial to the growth and success of any individual.

She is the heroine of the book, not because she saved anyone, but because saved herself. She gave up all of her wants, maybe even her needs, to preserve the most sacred thing to her- that being her independence.
She won because she decided she would.

For every crossroads, for every storm (allegorical as well as literal), for every beating, whipping, and shunning, she never lost sight of who she was/is/will be.
Was, Is, and Will Be are all the same anyway. A form of Being, right?

That's why I love her. She just. Is.
She is not afraid to just Be.

Don't even get me started about Mr. Rochester.
He loves freely. He appreciates the free spirit. He understands the need for the spirit to be connected before love becomes a reality.

Also. He has his opinions, and sticks to them. Again, without apologies or regrets like Jane. He doesn't shove them down people's throats, nor does he shut away anyone else's.

He is completely confident and can pierce your soul with his eyes. He's just a man's man. Rugged. Awesome. Smart. He and Jane are intellectual equals.

Both he and Jane are walking contradictions. Or it's just how the world labels them anyway.

Maybe, we as humans are supposed to be ostensibly contradictory, but the opposites work together to reinforce our strengths. To uphold the seeming incompatible truths of our characters.

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