Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sometimes I go on a musical excersion. Because. You know. I don't have many friends, except CNN, YouTube, and Reddit.

This is what I listened to today. Sometimes you just need good stuff to fill your time/life/soul...

Liam Bailey:

Sondre Lerche:

Also, mother mother is a little emo.... which is usually not my style. However, they're kinda awesome, i'll be honest. They've got fantastic harmonies- Chicago/R.E.M.-esque. O Well.. .here's a go..

Mother Mother:

Today, was a great day:)
Got out an hour early from class. Actually went to dinner with people from around here. Met a dude! Super funny.

I'm going to miss Helaman... (but maybe I'm only saying that because I know it's coming to an end... like when you love your job a week before you quite..)

Also, I think today was especially good because I had incredible people visit me yesterday.

Cece and Chloe Mehr took me to lunch. They have no idea how much they enlivened me.

It felt so good to see people from home. As it usually does. But my home ward for sure..

There is something about those people. I'm so glad that I never took them for granted. Something that makes them stand out above all the rest.

I think it's because they have a lot of trust in themselves and hope in others. They just live. Really live. And it immediately liberates others from their own self-doubt or hopelessness.

Also. Chloe. Thank you for that huge compliment of a Blog Award.
I've never felt so honored.


I love people.

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