Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mint Condish

In honor of my newish life, I've opted for a newish look for my blog:)
I love changing it, I'm going to be honest. I take great pleasure in the layout and look of where I sometimes write. I even took that picture all by myself.
Speaking of Honesty...

I think I'm about to honestly say what I think of this place: I have no clue what I'm doing here yet.

My roommate is awesome. The academics are engaging. The professors are helpful. But am not in love. Yet?

I'm in a type of culture shock. Even coming from a place where the populace is overwhelmingly LDS and maybe even a mini-me of Provo, it at least seemed like Earth.
Not... a cloud.

BUT. That's only the sad part of this place. (other than the fact that every time I get on Facebook, I feel an incessant impulse to draw blood from my skin, revert to Tourette's, and end my account's life in a whirl of anguish and despair to compensate for my torment at not ever being involved in the joy and fun and awesomeness occurring at home)
. . .
The good news is that I'm at college and am admittedly having fun .. sometimes.. TOO!

Though at first I thought they would be the death of me, the girls here in my hall are spectacular!! Every single one of them is hilarious.

Also, the campus itself is beautiful.
Every day, I walk up a hill of trees and glory and beauty.

I'll post pictures later probs.


  1. Jealousy. I miss you. You will do great things.
    I just know it.

  2. I like the newish look. :) And I love that picture. And I can't wait to be there with you. Guess what. I succumbed. To matching room decor. Sort of. Not really though. I just have a minor "We Can Do It" theme. Having it feministic counteracts the matching thing, right? :)

  3. Dear Ari,
    I gave you a blogger award. :)
    Check my blog for further information.