Wednesday, December 8, 2010


It's begun.
I realize I'm feeding it.
It=the funk.
The winter funk we all seem to be consumed by every year.
The lack of sun sucks our souls and caring and empathy away.

I feel kinda bad at how ornery we become.
And I'm the worst of them all.

Because really, I'd rather just mope and wallow in my own self pity, than actually be responsible for the choices I'm bound to make.

It's so easy to be indifferent to the problems of others.
So easy to justify why I have "other" things to worry about, instead of your things.
Crazy simple

Amazing Grace:
There's no time to be indifferent.
In English, we're reading a book (refer to above italicized predecessor of the colon). About those whose eyes have seen more rated R content in one MINUTE than mine have in a lifetime.

Curse you, Jonathon Kozol, for forcing us to acknowledge our responsibilty to our opinions.

What I'm saying is: This might be a public apology for my scoffing behavior the last couple of weeks. Due to my realization that I am apart of the epidemic of teenage apathy.

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