Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Remember that one time where I'm bi-polar?
Well. I think I hate the winter funk as much as I guiltily embrace it.
I think I'll sit through this winter vacation with as much enthusiasm as a marshmallow on a stick, pre-roasted.

This analogy literally took me 7 whole minutes.

And this is why the winter funk bites. I can't even make up a decent analogy to prove an unprovable point.

Ari Kokol

Today, I had a good talk with the Park man. It seems like we haven't even been friends for a while because we haven't gotten a chance to speak to each other like we used to. Always something/one coming up.
He's one of my best friends. Ever since sophomore English class. We joked about blogging about him. So I think I'll blog about him. (let it be reminded of the world who appreciated his talents and humor first). He makes me laugh. a lot. And reminds me to not take life so seriously. Which is ironic, considering where this post is going. or has briefly covered.
And also, he hates people as much as I do. Misery loves company.
Then I hung out at Smoothie King for. an hour?
Good old Martin. He's another funny man. I LIKE FUNNY/ANGRY people. Martin and Parker will be seeing a lot more of me. They don't P.M.S.
ehh. Is this a diary?
Should I start Anne Franking my Blog posts?
Dear Kitty....
I hate the world.
Angsty teenager.

Train of thought. definitely gone off track. What was the track in the first place? I dunno.
I think I'll go Google a picture to make your eyes less hurty.
Pretty pictures. Of fruit maybe? or a baby giraffe.? or Dog the Bounty hunter. Or. an embarrassing photo of Spongebob at last years' Christmas Party, in honor of the Christmas season. ANd/or Shelbie Shill.
Send in your ideas for googled images! You could get the chance to be a contestant on my reality t.v. show and possibly be one of 3 maybe winners. (only on specially marked posts.)