Saturday, December 18, 2010


Sarah left this morning.

It was the spoiled icing on my cake of let-downs and departures and dejection this week.

ha. ha. ha.
oh the drama of my blog.

Have you felt that things are impersonal, lately?
Or is it just me?
Books, movies, music. Nothing feels unique and just Ari anymore.
Maybe it's because I talk to much. Probably.
I should just stop talking. Then nobody will take what's mine away from me anymore.

haha SELFISHNESS. sweet. Try it sometime. It's really awesome. It makes you feel this big -------->"."


  1. okay. listen.
    impersonal. yes.
    i agree. completely agree.

    movies these days. drive me batty.
    books too. we need to get back to the wuthering heights kind of literature.
    just a thought.

    also. i follow. from here on out. hope you don't mind.

  2. If you ever stop talking, I'll pull my hair out.
    I need every word that leaves that mouth, Soda.