Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Attachment Disorder

Dear Attachment Disorder,
I hate you.
It became blatantly obvious today, as I felt my body react to the realization that I would not be in Chamber.
This is silly. This devastation I feel is SO silly, in fact, that I fear it is possibly making people puke.

This is hard for me. And I am mad that you are making this hard for me.

I cannot describe it. Especially to those who have already made it. It is difficult to see friends move on to expected things, and for you to keep me held back and make me feel like I won't be going places in life for a while.

Attachment, Please leave my body this instant. Take a hike. Get outta town. You are unwanted and you are making people pissy.

Love, Ari

P.S. Your breath stinks.

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