Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So. I have this dog.

We dubbed him "Jackson."
Well. Actually, my uncle, Steve, named him. Steve was Jackie's mama.
But one day, a few years back, they had to move to Kansas, and could not bring their beloved dog with them.
I do not mean to be happy that they left him with us, but he's been such a blessing. I don't think my aunt and uncle know how much they changed our family by leaving one of their own with us.
He once saved our lives. Yup. Full on- saved. I will tell you this tale of how this came about...
Once upon a time, there was a man named Alex. He was an old friend of my dad's. RM. Good kid. Then one day he started to hear other voices, besides his own, in his mind. He did, however, start his own clothing company (albeit, picking the next trends out of other people's garbage cans), and one day, this partially unstable person came to our door. In the night. At midnight. When we were SLEEPING.
Guess what my dog did?! BARKED. yes. I know. surprising. But my mother said it was not just a usual bark, it was the bark of a defender. a protector. A GUARDIAN ANGEL.
And, guess what dear ole Alex was trying to do...
BREAK INTO OUR ABODE full of sleeping children. This, my friends, is not socially acceptable neither is it sanitary behavior of a person.
So, boys and girls, the moral of the story is 1) get a dog named Jackson who is a yellow lab and 2) do not become friends with crazy people, as they will try to 'bring down the house' with their delusions of fashionista and new houses.

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