Thursday, February 11, 2010


I guess those few people who come across this blog on a whim by pushing the Next Blog>> are expecting a writer whose intentions are to make you feel good, or happy, or just to have SUPER FUN!.
I'm so sorry to disappoint you, for I am not here for those reasons all the time. I am here to get you to think. I'm sorry if God is too scary for you, or if He bores you, or if He angers you. But this post is about him.
I'm sure most people hate small talk, and yet people choose to speak small.
There are times in life when we all feel small and insignificant. There are times when we feel like our best is not good enough, or we do not live up to the expectations of what others and we have set for ourselves. I am here to tell you that this is just not true. At times like these it is important to remember that we are children of a Heavenly King, and his plan is perfect.
Imagine that Jesus Christ is a painter. Not just any painter, but a pointillist.
I want to tell you about pointillism.
With this form of art, every mark of paint has a purpose. The painter uses different colors of dots to create an image of beauty. The painter has to know exactly what colors to use and when to use them. Here is the catch.
Our human minds cannot see the painting at all unless we take a step back… it is impossible to see the full painting if you are too close to only see the individual dots.
Now, imagine that we are all the dots. We come in different colors, in different shades of colors; sometimes a different paintbrush is used. No matter how small we all are, no matter how plain or dark or how far off in a corner we feel we are. We are all vital to the picture.
Are we not painters also? Yes. We have the power to paint our own lives, but it is very specific. The only way we can paint our lives to the full extent of true happiness is through God. Not only is he the master of our life, but He is the only way we can become master painters ourselves. I depend on Them to create my painting of everlasting life.
I have depended on God a lot in my life. It has been He, who has enabled me to look at my life from His point of view, and see not only the mistakes, and darker colors, but the beauty of how those mistakes and darker colors played up the things that I painted right. The things I did right in my life.
To depend on the Savior may sound like I am weak, or foolish to the "realists" of the world. To me, there is nothing more real than hope, than justice, than love. I am not your usual realist. I am a realist in optimist clothing, for beneath the optimism lies something more real and more true than one can never know by themselves. It is the highest honor to be willing to follow the Heavenly Father and His son, Jesus Christ. In the end, every single dot counts. In the end it is only the Painter, who can see where we all stand, and with whose hands we create a huge picture that could not have been created alone as when we are together.

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