Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Wonderment

I saw a small child riding one today on his way home from school. He went fast down the hill, yelling "scuuuuse me!" to all whippersnappers obscuring his descent, jammed his foot down onto the rod behind the stop, and full on- bounded into the sky! A FULL TWO AND A HALF FEET.
Wonderment: Where have the Scooters scooted off to?
I mean, I used to always see them, ride them, steal them (don't worry, i gave it back!), want them, and now they're just a pile of dust. Erm. Sheet metal particles.
Also, I'm pretty sure I was known as "scooter girl" back in the past year, for I carried with me, this gadget, all around the school.
ahh... the times.

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