Friday, March 12, 2010

Just A Little Creepy Admiration

I'm tired of people "owning" music. And saying how much they looovvveeee iiitttt.
What, did you WRITE the stuff?
Okay I'm done with that semi-rant. Thanks.

There is this boy at school who probably will never know that I watch him. (NO this is not creepy, I Semi-Swear.) I think he's amazing. I think he's brilliant. I think he thinks he's a no-body, but the reality is: Nobody could not love this boy.

Let me make one thing clear: I have no romantic interest in him. I just love him. C'est clair? D'accord, J'ai cru.

He isn't apart of my friend group at all... and he isn't arrogant at ALL like, not even jokingly... it's weird.


I'm such a girl.

Peace out.

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