Saturday, March 27, 2010


Realization # 1.
I. Am a quite selfish person.
Humanistic characteristic? Yes. But I have an advantage with God, and I'm not taking advantage of this advantageish advantage. I Haven't been growing lately, and usually I'm a grower, just not these past couple of months.
It is because of this flaw, that I want friends to come barreling back to me, to each other, and to God... and it is not occurring fast enough. Hence my agitation, anger, frustration, and tears.

Realization # 2 (with the help of my person).
I. Am a quite selfless person. And this is a flaw.
Does this sound obnoxious? Good. It IS obnoxious, because who on freakin' earth complains or brags or even states that they are a selfless person? It's self-righteous and egotistical.
However, I get this out into the open as a flaw because:
I have a tendency to give unwanted advice
I put myself in the middle of issues
I want people to be happy too much, sometimes forgetting I'm giving too much.

Realization # 3.
Sometimes. Things are. not. meant. to. be.
Sometimes. Things need to be let go.
Sometimes. I need to let things be.

Realization # 4
I really do have at least one friend who I know will always be here for me. Even in spirit.
Thanks MEA

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