Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potentially Awkward Situations In the Car

1. Being stopped at a red light, see someone you know next to you, feeling obligated to roll down the window and talk to them until the light turns green. Sucks if it's a really long light.

2. Seeing an ex-boyfriend at said red light.

3. Being in the left turning lane and having to stare at the other left-turnee across from you.

4. Atempting a 3 point turn, which turns into a 42 point turn, and having both lanes honking at you.

5. 4-way stops and the spurting forwards of other cars, all unsure of what to do, resulting in wide-spread and misplaced anger by all participants in the 4-way stop fiasco.

6. Tailgating, honking horn, and flashing lights due to frustration at the 20-mile-under-the-speed limit car in front of you, only to realize at the stop sign later that it is your next door neighbor.

7. Angrily wondering why everyone is flashing their lights at you, then noticing your trunk is open.

8. Having a fight with someone in the passenger seat, then having to ask for directions after an awkward bout of silence.

Of course, all of these incedents have happened to me this past week.

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